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I am sure that over the years we have all struggled to figure a way to squeeze every last drop of tincture out of our plant material.  I have heard several alternative ideas and known people that spent hours attempting to build their own tincture press.  A tincture press can run you several hundred dollars and for most of us lay herbalists it is just too much to justify spending for the pint of tincture we have made.   And so most of us just forgo the whole thing and lament at how much medicine we are loosing when we lay the spent plant material in the compost.  Until now!


I wish I could take credit for this,  but I can’t, a friend of mine named Jodi who I met in a wildcrafting class gifted us with this idea that she came up with on the spur of the moment.  It does require a piece of equipment,  but its a kitchen item many of us already have or can purchase for under 40 dollars.


What is it?   A wheat grass juicer!!!


Let me share with you Jodi’s experiement;

I took 4 cups of drained St John’s Wort plant material (I drained and pushed on it with a spoon to get as much out as is possible)

The material was still wet and glossy.

The ran it through the wheat grass juicer and the results were…… Ta Da…. drum roll please!!!!!

1 whole more cup of tincture

2 cups of bone dry plant material…. Impressive!!


Here are her pictures to prove it.


4 cups of St. John's Wort plant material, drained of menstrum


Before running through the juicer

After running through the juicer

I cup extra tincture, 2 cups plant material!


And so our trials are over,  we can all now have ensure that  we are getting every bit of medicine from the plants that we so dearly love.


If any of you would like to send lavish gifts of thanks to Jodi to thank her for her brilliance,  let me know  🙂


Green Blessings.



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